Blood Relations ~ The Movie.

Anish Kapoor
Video sent by tifrap

A film is as faithful to a sculpture as a tee-shirt is to a movie.
Much of Anish Kapoors work has, at its foundation, the premise that sculptures can only be known through the fact of being in their presence, and that everything that is not the sculpture itself, is merely anecdotal interpretation. Visit a sculpture and you know the sculpture's affects on you – but if you read about the same sculpture, you only know someone else’s opinion, which is seldom sculpture.

So I have put this video here, partly to illustrate the rather laboured point above, but also because the text, as a form, deserves to be made accountable to those who might want to study it, deconstruct it, or maybe just couldn’t make the five widdershins that it takes to read it all, without getting dizzy (only happens in glorious 3D reality - yep, its a sculpture).

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