I noticed that Anish Kapoor’s activity here in Brighton was not yet on wikipedia.
Being that it is the first time he has been a guest director of anything, and that he has made 2 new works. I thought I would remedy the situation so I posted the following text to wikipedia…

In 2009 Anish Kapoor became the first Guest Artistic Director of Brighton Festival. As well as informing the content of the festival as a whole, Anish Kapoor loaned 4 significant sculptures of his to the town for the duration of the festival; Sky Mirror at Brighton Pavilion gardens, C-Curve at The Chattri, Blood Relations (a collaboration with author Salman Rushdie) and 1000 Names, both at Fabrica. In addition to these existing sculptures, he also created 2 new works: a large site-specific work entitled ‘The Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc’ and a performance based installation entitled ‘Imagined Monochrome’.

As you must know, wikipedia is open to edit by anybody, so if you disagree with my description or you wish to amend it – feel free. In fact it would be good if someone changed it, just so that there is no doubt that it is not self advocacy.

A note to wikipedians: I realise that there is a tendency to remove text that appears on any other site in case of plagiarism, so let me say that the above text was posted on wikipedia before it was posted here.

I also noticed that Fabrica doesn’t have a page on wikipedia. So while you are at it…

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