Music Boxes

Several people have arrived at Fabrica in time for the 6pm daily performance of the 'Music Boxes', a sculpture advertised in the festival brochure. These people have been disappointed as the work, a collaboration between Anish Kapoor and musician Brian Elias, was withdrawn from the festival in mid May. I like to think that the audience were instead serenaded by the gulls and other interesting sounds that can generally be heard on Duke Street at 6pm.

To make amends I have spent approximately 3 minutes assembling a thoroughly cheesy short movie that will in no way suffice – to the accompaniment of an antique polyphonic music box. You can be sure that the missing Music Boxes are the antithesis of this, wherever they may be.

Having done this I can fully understand why AK pulled the sculptures, a bad 1970s documentary feel can be the only result. How Jolly. It should really end with a test card.

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