C – Curve beneath O - moon

Last night the moon was full over Holt hill and the Chattri. A steady stream of people visited the C-Curve sculpture all night long. This is a magical spot on the downs overlooking Deep Bottom. The nearest track, Braypool Lane, in Donkey Bottom, is somewhere that you would rarely come across another person, even in the daylight.

Before C-Curve arrived, the Chattri was one of those secret places unknown even to most Brightonians. If they did know about it, they kept it quiet, because the Chattri is a bit special.

I wish I could have gone to see the full moon over the white marble and the mirrored curve, but I had to spend the night keeping 1000 names and blood relations company.

The security guards that watch the Chattri have told of their surprise at the numbers of people visiting, even at 4AM and the friendliness of those making the pilgrimage. Seems I needn’t worry about my secret spot after all.

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